Fully Integrated Customer Gift Cards Program

 Additional Features

Touch Screen Ready
Integrated Customer Rewards Program
Easy Promotional & Price Updates
Easy to Use Data Entry / Inquiry Screens
On Screen Keyboard can work just like & better than your cash register
Orders, Quotes, Layaways, Due Bills
Recurring Invoices, Auto Invoice Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
Customer Contract Pricing, Cost Plus Pricing, Promos, Item Mix & Match,

  Price Levels, Pricing by Vendor, Membership Pricing & Promos, Pricing      by Purchase History, Two Fer Pricing, Three Fer Pricing
Emergency Stand Alone Mode

Training Mode

Advanced Auto Purchase Order System
Purchase by Sales History
Receive P.O.’s by Scanning
Multiple Appointment Scheduler
40,000 Programmable Sales Screen Buttons
Up to 1000 Menus with 40 Buttons each
Select Text, Picture, SKU, Color and Sub-Menu for each Button
Fast Pay Buttons: Cash, Credit Card, EBT, $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, $1
Restaurant Version with Kitchen Printers, Deliveries, Carry Outs
Full System Security and Accountability
Item Disposition Codes for Reordering
Master Item Quantity Break Down
Membership Cards and Gift Cards
Report of Cancels, Edits, Voids, ...
Reprint Any Closeout Report
Accounts Receivable (optional)
Accounts Payable (optional)
General Ledger (optional)
Multi–Site / Multi-Location (optional)
Employee Time Clock
Customer Purchase and Check History
Service Module with History
Expense Paid Outs and Accountability
Phone Messaging, Inter-Office Messaging, Reminders
Gift Receipts, Email Receipts, Email Statements
Targeted Mailings by Purchase History
Comprehensive Inventory Control
Receive Products to Stock by Scanning

Import Liquor Data File Import

Print Liquor Shelf Labels with Bar Codes

Online Liquor Ordering by Scanning

Many more features, too numerous to list all...

Report Options

End Of Day Reports            
Today’s Sales/Cash Totals by Date Range
End Of Day Reports by Date Range
Multi-Site End Of Day View by Date Range
Damaged Returns Report by Date Range
Edits and Void Reports by Date Range
Expense Paid Out Reports by Date Range
Inventory Reports
  By Sku
  By Department
  By Style
  By Color
  By Vendor
Physical Inventory
Inventory Valuation
Barcode Labels
Items On Promo Report
  By Promos
  By Two Fers
  By Three Fers
   All Except Schemes
  Price By Schemes
  Quantity Breaks
  By Promo Date
Overstock Report
  By Sku Range
  By Vendor Range
  By Location
  By Department
  By Style
  Number of Months Sales History to Use
  Number of Days Supplies Required
  Include Sales History Report if Needed
  Print By Sku or Description
Stocking Percent Status Report
Stocking Items by Disposition
  By Vendor or Description
Purchase History & Physical Inventory Reports
Received by Date Range
  By P.O. Number
  By Sku Range
  By Department
  By Style
  By Size
  By Color
  By Vendor

Fully Integrated Customer Rewards Program

Report Options (Continued)

Orders, Quotes & Layaways

  By Orders
  By Layaways
  By all
  By Quotes
  By Recurring Invoices
  By Transaction Date
  By Customer
Payments on Orders, Quotes & Layaways
  By Transaction Date
  By Customer Number
Hourly Sale Report
  By Date Range
Sales History Report
  By Number of Months
  By Location
  By Vendor
  By Sku
  By Department
Sales By Department
  By Date Range
  By Department Range
Sales By Employee
  By Date Range
  By Employee
  By Department by Employee

Sales By SKU
  By Date Range
  By Sku
  By Department
  By Style
Sales By Vendor
  By Date Range
  By Vendor
Margin Report
  By number of Months
  By Location
  By Vendor
  By Margins greater or less than:
  By Department
Transaction Report

  By Date Range
Report Designer
  Customize Your Own Reports From Sales and History      Data with Multiple Files
Gift Certificates
Reports on Certificates Sold
Reports on Certificates Open
Reports on Redeemed Certificates
Aged Receivables
  By Customer
Customer Ledger
  By Customer
Monthly Statements
  By Customer ID
  By Start/Cut Off Date
  By Minimum Amount
Credit Balance Report
  By Customer
Customer Balance Reports/ Labels
  By Report Type
  By Customer Type
  By Date
  By Customer
Target Mailings By Purchase History
  By Date Range
  By Vendor purchases
Customer Types List
Delivery Route List
How Heard Codes List
Shipping Method List
Terms Code List
Zip Code List
Buy Downs List
Disposition Code List
Location List
Colors List
Department List
Price Schemes List
Sizes List
Style List
Employees Reports
  By Employee
  By Date Range
  By ID Range
Employee Promotional Bonus
Employee Activity Report
  By Date Range
  By Employee

Vendor Report
  By Vendor Range
  Vendor ID Order
  Company Order
  Zip Code Order

Many More Reports and Report Options...

Import Liquor Prices from the State, update price margins by bottle size and print new Shelf Labels with Price Changes.  Print a variety of Shelf Talkers, Shelf Labels and Bar Code Labels

We have Software Solutions for any Retail or Wholesale Business.  With many industry specific editions all powered by quickchargeIT and with features specific to those industries.

Create Automatic Purchase Orders based on the Quantity in Stock, Your Sales History and the Lead Time from your Vendor to Maintain Accurate Inventory Levels and Reduce your Inventory Carrying Cost with our ADVANCED AUTO PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM powered by AI.

Below are just some of the Software Features of the Management System:


Active Software & Hardware Systems' new quickchargeIT

   We will Match (and probably Beat) Any Credit Card Fees saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars

Sell, Redeem, Check the Balance and Re-Issue Gift Cards at your store.  No fees because it is not done via your credit card processor. The Gift Card report and maintenance shows open and redeemed gift cards, the amount available, the amount redeemed and which of your locations sold and redeemed the gift card.

Give Reward Points based on dollar sales, quantities, etc.  Assign points by Item, by Department or globally.  Assign more points for Items with greater profit margins or for Items you want to move.  Keep Customers coming back to your store instead of your competitors because they know they're earning rewards.  Give Reward points for purchases in lieu of giving discounts.

Discount Example: Customer purchases $100.00 worth of product and receives a 10% discount. Customer leaves the store with $100.00 worth of product, you receive only $90.00 for the product and the customer spends the $10.00 difference somewhere else.

Reward Example: Customer purchases $100.00 worth of product and receives $10.00 worth of Store Credit. Customer leaves the store with $100.00 worth of product, you receive $100.00 for the product and the customer returns to spend the $10.00 earned at your store and likely purchases more