ASH Management System Version 11 and Older:

11.5.38   There is an option to print an "Item Not Found" tag when an Item is not found on the Sales Screen.

You can now set a status of Purchase Orders to "In Progress" or "On Order" and select which type of Purchase Orders you want to see in the list.  You can also access Purchase Order History from the Edit/Receive Purchase Order screen.

11.5.20   Option to print shipping box labels with Box 1 of 3, Box 2 of 3, etc. from the sales screen.  On the options screen the Hot Key is "SL".

11.5.14   Price Links now has the option to import Items from a Price Scheme in lieu of having to enter similar Items twice.

New option in System Settings Global to create a coupon that applies to only a specific department and calculates the amount available to apply up to the coupon amount.  It can also use only several of the left most characters of the coupon barcode if the right characters of the barcode change per coupon.

Inventory List can Lookup, Find and Wild Lookup by Master Item.

   Liquor Import will now display Items in Red when the new price will be less than the existing price and Items in Blue when the new price will be greater than the existing price.  There is also an option to display either of the above items only.

11.4.20   EBT payments with multiple EBT cards can now be entered with the remaining EBT balance calculated.

11.4.16   Purchase Order Edit and Receive can now display and calculate the number of cases based on the quantity ordered.

11.4.12   Employee Sales Report has the option to group the reports by product style.

11.4.9     A new option to Export Data files for Door Dash, Grub Hub, Shipped and others based on the criteria selected and transmit at a specific time and day or day of week.

11.4.6     Inventory Maintenance has an option to set an Item to Prompt for the Quantity on each transaction similar to the Prompt for Price option.

11.4.5     Printing Shelf Talkers
now has the option to print the text entered in the Notes field of Item Maintenance.

11.4.4     Purchase Order Manual Entry, Edit and Receive will now go to the line Item of the original Item
when a duplicate Item is entered and the user selects “No” to add the Item again.  This will allow users to easily see what was already entered for that Item.

11.4.3     Multi-Site Employee Activity Report
will now print the Employee Name in addition to their ID number for each location at the Central Location.

11.4.2     The Inventory Report
now has the option to print a report based on a specific date in addition to End of Month As Of dates.

11.4.1     New Email Interface
integrated to comply with new email rules.  This will eliminate the problem sending Emails with some service providers.

11.3.17   Item Pictures
will now automatically look for the image in the c:\ashpsdat\pics folder so that the picture is available to all workstations.

 11.3.13  Liquor Import
now has an option to round the last digit of the price up to 9 or the last two digits of the price up to 99.
Option in System Settings Global to display the Items Markup % in lieu of the Margin % in Item Maintenance.

11.1.33 Customer lookup screens can now sort or lookup by Balance Due. Click on the Balance header to display Highest to Lowest or Lowest to Highest.    
11.1.31 Inventory lookup
screens can now sort or lookup by Price. Click on the Price header to display Highest to Lowest or Lowest to Highest.
11.1.28 Employee Commission Report
now has the option Exclude or Select Only a specific Department.
11.1.26 Inventory Edit
now has an option to quickly receive that product to stock and generate a Receiving Report and add that receipt to Purchase History.        

11.1.24 New Price Links to enable updating of prices and promos in bulk for every Item in the selected Price Link.  Editing the Price, Promo Price, Two Fer or Three Fer pricing in Item Maintenance will also prompt to update all the Items in the associated Price Link.  Price Links are in the Inventory Control menu.
Employee ID, First and Last Names are now recorded on the End of Day reports.
New Shelf Talker Label that prints on the Label Printer.  Just add the promo (2 for $5.00) on the Item Notes button in Inventory Maintenance and select the Shelf Talker label to print.

Option in Station Settings Local on the Print Settings tab to prompt the Clerk to Confirm the customer is paying with Cash when Cash is selected.

11.1.6   New Option to perform a Closeout by Clerk.  This allows a clerk to work at several workstations taking their cash drawer till with them and then performing a closeout from any workstation for all of their transactions.  “Independent Register Closeout for Each Station” MUST be unchecked in System Settings Global and check the “Enable Closeout by Clerk” next to it.

11.1.4   New feature to automatically perform a Shift Closeout at a predetermined time daily.  It will also perform a Backup of your Live Data to the local disk drive and print any selected End of Day Reports.  Configure the settings in Station Settings Local on the Closeout / Other Settings tab.
Changes to Shelf Talker printing to allow manual entry of data to appear on the Shelf Talkers.  Now you can manually enter the prices, promos, select a unique picture, etc.  You can enter a “2 for $5.00” or “2/$5.00 Awesome” text, etc.  Some modifications to your existing Shelf Talkers may be needed and can be edited in Station Settings Local on the Print Settings tab.  Contact us to order pre-printed Shelf Talker forms.
Option in Station Settings local to Disable the option to create a payment on a transaction when the amount tendered is less than the invoice total and a second payment tendered is not selected.
11.1.0   Version 11 is Released.  Many changes to Improve System Performance and it is fully compatible with Windows 11.  Additional changes to prevent file corruption during a power or system failure.

Option in Auto Purchase Order and Purchase Order Edit / Receive to display the quantity of cases based on the Item case quantity and the ability to adjust the display order in Station Settings Local.

Option in the Aged Receivables report to create an Excel spreadsheet of the aged receivable data.

10.4.30   EBT Balance
will now print boldly on the customer receipts.

New option in the Liquor Import to allow updating prices of items based on the cost divided by a percent.

New option on the Sales Screen and the Price Check Screen to print bar code labels for the selected item.  “BC” is the Hot Key on the Options Button.

The new Formal Wear Pro edition is released.  This also enables you to keep track of the Groom sizes and measurements along with the Groomsman, Father of the Groom, etc.  Schedule fitting and pickup times along with rental of garments and generate late charges if not returned on time.

A new option in System Settings Global on the Pricing tab that allows you to set the number of days of customer inactivity that their Points and / or Credits Earned will be returned to Zero.

Option in Price Changes and Promos to Scan Items or Select Items from an Inventory List for the Criteria of Items to Update.

New Feature in Menu Button Maintenance to program a button to return to the Previous Menu or Previous Menus.  Select Menu as the Type and then enter -1 to return to the previous menu, or -2 to return two menus back, etc.

Option in System Settings Global on the Defaults Tab to “Enable PO Item List for Item Not Found”.  When selected, if an Item is not found it will automatically go to the item list starting at the item entered.

Option in Pax Setup to only prompt for a signature on transactions over a specified amount.

A New KIOSK version available.  This will allow a workstation to run as a customer kiosk which will limit the options available to the customer and only allow credit card transactions.  The Ash QuickCharge integrated credit card processing should be installed.

10.3.5     Option in the Tax Exempt Report to group Tax Exempt transactions by Customer.

Option in Price Schemes to limit quantity purchases per day by customer.  This is a required option for some of the Scan Data promotional pricing.

    A new option in Station Settings Local on the Closeout/Other Settings tab to Display a Clock In Message and requires an Employee to Confirm they agree every time an employee clocks in.  The default message is:
“I acknowledge that I WILL NOT SELL TO MINORS and that I will be responsible for any legal actions and penalties. By clicking OK I agree to the above.”

and can be changed as required.

All Inventory Rank reports will now print the selected date range at the top of the report.

Under the Reports menu there is now an option for Monthly Sales Reports which will automatically print a Sales by Department report and an End of Day report for the selected date range.  These are the two reports most merchants want to give to their accountant after the end of a monthly period.

Price Schemes now have an option to apply Price Schemes only if a Customer and / or Member is selected.  These prices can be different then Price Scheme prices to non customers and members.

10.1.6     Liquor Import will now automatically download the Liquor Update
from the state without having to save the data file.  Now you can just click the Download New File and then Proceed with Scan.

A new option in Station Settings (Local) on the Backup / More Settings tab to Display the Quantity of Items on the transaction.  Returns on the same transaction will not subtract from the quantity displayed.  It is the physical quantity of items being purchased.

New option in Menu Button Maintenance to Setup a Button that will automatically Round Up the Cash Tendered Amount to the next whole dollar.  Use “$$” in the SKU field of the Button.

New option in Station Settings to Display a Red Background on a line Item if the Cost is less than the Price and to Display a Yellow Background on a line Item if the Cost is equal to the price.

10.0.1     Version 10 is Released.  Many changes to Improve System Performance and it is fully compatible with Windows 11. 
Updated Buttons and Features on all Lookup / Browse screens.


​​​​​New Liquor Import

quickchargeIT and the ASH Management System

The Management System Version 10 and earlier have reached their end of life effective 12/31/2023.
No further support, updates, changes or fixes are or will be available.

However, an upgrade to quickchargeIT is available at zero cost to customers with a paid and current

Help Desk Support Service.*   The Annual Support Fee has been DISCONTINUED!

The Management System Version 11 will continue to be supported until the end of July 2024 (or on the anniversary of your purchase date if in 2023).

Upgrading to quickchargeIT details:

A.  Zero upfront fee to upgrade to our quickchargeIT v12 software with current Help Desk Support*
            a)  Installation will be performed remotely or on-site at the discretion of ASH

            b)  A backup of your live data files will be performed

            c)  All data will be converted automatically.
            d)  Unlimited Help Desk Support will be provided
B.  Integrated credit card processing via ASH Quick Charge options *
             a) Traditional Processing
                        1)  Credit & Debit: Match or beat existing rate
                        2)  EBT: Match or beat existing rate
                        3)  Next Day Funding for batches before 11:00pm EST     

                        4)  Monthly service fee
                        5)  Batch Fee: 25 cents per patch, can be set to auto batch
                        6)  Credit card terminals may be purchased or billed monthly
                        7)  ASH Quick Charge processor integration included at zero cost
              b)  Dual Pricing Program
                         1)  Credit & Debit: Zero processing fee
                         2)  EBT: Zero per swipe fee
                         3)  Next Day Funding for batches before 11:00pm EST     

                         4)  Zero monthly service fee
                         5)  Batch Fee: Zero per batch, can be set to auto batch
                         6)  Credit card terminals will be provided at zero cost
                         7)  ASH Quick Charge processor integration included at zero cost

* Integrated credit card processing is required via ASH Quick Charge. On-site installation and travel charges may apply.

What credit card processors can I use with quickchargeIT?
As a full-service partner, ASH Systems can provide everything you need to run your business, including easy to understand and transparent payment processing.  Although we believe that the ASH Systems Quick Charge processing is the best solution for your business, we also believe that you should have a choice and will continue to support some approved third-party processors.

The new "Dashboard" button on the home screen has many new features and will display the number of customers and items, the A/R totals, the sales for today, week to date, month to date and year to date, and compares them to the last years figures for an instant view of your company’s status.  Sales by Department comparing this year to last year is also displayed and can be selected to display sales for today, week to date, month to date or year to date and ordered by this years sales, last years sales or by department.  


New Employee Schedule

Now Released!

8 levels of pricing for all liquor sizes

Active Software & Hardware Systems' new quickchargeIT

   We will Match (and probably Beat) Any Credit Card Fees saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars