11.5.38   There is an option to print an "Item Not Found" tag when an Item is not found on the Sales Screen.

You can now set a status of Purchase Orders to "In Progress" or "On Order" and select which type of Purchase Orders you want to see in the list.  You can also access Purchase Order History from the Edit/Receive Purchase Order screen.

11.5.26   There is now a "Dashboard" button on the home screen which will display the number of customers and items, the A/R totals, the sales for today, week to date, month to date and year to date, and compares them to the last years figures for an instant view of your company’s status.  Sales by Department comparing this year to last year is also displayed and can be selected to display sales for today, week to date, month to date or year to date.

11.5.20   Option to print shipping box labels with Box 1 of 3, Box 2 of 3, etc. from the sales screen.  On the options screen the Hot Key is "SL".

11.5.14   Price Links now has the option to import Items from a Price Scheme in lieu of having to enter similar Items twice.

New option in System Settings Global to create a coupon that applies to only a specific department and calculates the amount available to apply up to the coupon amount.  It can also use only several of the left most characters of the coupon barcode if the right characters of the barcode change per coupon.

Inventory List can Lookup, Find and Wild Lookup by Master Item.

   Liquor Import will now display Items in Red when the new price will be less than the existing price and Items in Blue when the new price will be greater than the existing price.  There is also an option to display either of the above items only.

11.4.20   EBT payments with multiple EBT cards can now be entered with the remaining EBT balance calculated.

11.4.16   Purchase Order Edit and Receive can now display and calculate the number of cases based on the quantity ordered.

11.4.12   Employee Sales Report has the option to group the reports by product style.

11.4.9     A new option to Export Data files for Door Dash, Grub Hub, Shipped and others based on the criteria selected and transmit at a specific time and day or day of week.

11.4.6     Inventory Maintenance has an option to set an Item to Prompt for the Quantity on each transaction similar to the Prompt for Price option.

11.4.5     Printing Shelf Talkers
now has the option to print the text entered in the Notes field of Item Maintenance.

11.4.4     Purchase Order Manual Entry, Edit and Receive will now go to the line Item of the original Item
when a duplicate Item is entered and the user selects “No” to add the Item again.  This will allow users to easily see what was already entered for that Item.

11.4.3     Multi-Site Employee Activity Report
will now print the Employee Name in addition to their ID number for each location at the Central Location.

11.4.2     The Inventory Report
now has the option to print a report based on a specific date in addition to End of Month As Of dates.

11.4.1     New Email Interface
integrated to comply with new email rules.  This will eliminate the problem sending Emails with some service providers.

11.3.17   Item Pictures
will now automatically look for the image in the c:\ashpsdat\pics folder so that the picture is available to all workstations.

 11.3.13  Liquor Import
now has an option to round the last digit of the price up to 9 or the last two digits of the price up to 99.
Option in System Settings Global to display the Items Markup % in lieu of the Margin % in Item Maintenance.

11.1.33 Customer lookup screens can now sort or lookup by Balance Due. Click on the Balance header to display Highest to Lowest or Lowest to Highest.    
11.1.31 Inventory lookup
screens can now sort or lookup by Price. Click on the Price header to display Highest to Lowest or Lowest to Highest.
11.1.28 Employee Commission Report
now has the option Exclude or Select Only a specific Department.
11.1.26 Inventory Edit
now has an option to quickly receive that product to stock and generate a Receiving Report and add that receipt to Purchase History.        

11.1.24 New Price Links to enable updating of prices and promos in bulk for every Item in the selected Price Link.  Editing the Price, Promo Price, Two Fer or Three Fer pricing in Item Maintenance will also prompt to update all the Items in the associated Price Link.  Price Links are in the Inventory Control menu.
Employee ID, First and Last Names are now recorded on the End of Day reports.
New Shelf Talker Label that prints on the Label Printer.  Just add the promo (2 for $5.00) on the Item Notes button in Inventory Maintenance and select the Shelf Talker label to print.

Option in Station Settings Local on the Print Settings tab to prompt the Clerk to Confirm the customer is paying with Cash when Cash is selected.

11.1.6   New Option to perform a Closeout by Clerk.  This allows a clerk to work at several workstations taking their cash drawer till with them and then performing a closeout from any workstation for all of their transactions.  “Independent Register Closeout for Each Station” MUST be unchecked in System Settings Global and check the “Enable Closeout by Clerk” next to it.

11.1.4   New feature to automatically perform a Shift Closeout at a predetermined time daily.  It will also perform a Backup of your Live Data to the local disk drive and print any selected End of Day Reports.  Configure the settings in Station Settings Local on the Closeout / Other Settings tab.
Changes to Shelf Talker printing to allow manual entry of data to appear on the Shelf Talkers.  Now you can manually enter the prices, promos, select a unique picture, etc.  You can enter a “2 for $5.00” or “2/$5.00 Awesome” text, etc.  Some modifications to your existing Shelf Talkers may be needed and can be edited in Station Settings Local on the Print Settings tab.  Contact us to order pre-printed Shelf Talker forms.
Option in Station Settings local to Disable the option to create a payment on a transaction when the amount tendered is less than the invoice total and a second payment tendered is not selected.
11.1.0   Version 11 is Released.  Many changes to Improve System Performance and it is fully compatible with Windows 11.  Additional changes to prevent file corruption during a power or system failure.

Option in Auto Purchase Order and Purchase Order Edit / Receive to display the quantity of cases based on the Item case quantity and the ability to adjust the display order in Station Settings Local.

Option in the Aged Receivables report to create an Excel spreadsheet of the aged receivable data.

10.4.30   EBT Balance
will now print boldly on the customer receipts.

New option in the Liquor Import to allow updating prices of items based on the cost divided by a percent.

New option on the Sales Screen and the Price Check Screen to print bar code labels for the selected item.  “BC” is the Hot Key on the Options Button.

The new Formal Wear Pro edition is released.  This also enables you to keep track of the Groom sizes and measurements along with the Groomsman, Father of the Groom, etc.  Schedule fitting and pickup times along with rental of garments and generate late charges if not returned on time.

A new option in System Settings Global on the Pricing tab that allows you to set the number of days of customer inactivity that their Points and / or Credits Earned will be returned to Zero.

Option in Price Changes and Promos to Scan Items or Select Items from an Inventory List for the Criteria of Items to Update.

New Feature in Menu Button Maintenance to program a button to return to the Previous Menu or Previous Menus.  Select Menu as the Type and then enter -1 to return to the previous menu, or -2 to return two menus back, etc.

Option in System Settings Global on the Defaults Tab to “Enable PO Item List for Item Not Found”.  When selected, if an Item is not found it will automatically go to the item list starting at the item entered.

Option in Pax Setup to only prompt for a signature on transactions over a specified amount.

A New KIOSK version available.  This will allow a workstation to run as a customer kiosk which will limit the options available to the customer and only allow credit card transactions.  The Ash QuickCharge integrated credit card processing should be installed.

10.3.5     Option in the Tax Exempt Report to group Tax Exempt transactions by Customer.

Option in Price Schemes to limit quantity purchases per day by customer.  This is a required option for some of the Scan Data promotional pricing.

    A new option in Station Settings Local on the Closeout/Other Settings tab to Display a Clock In Message and requires an Employee to Confirm they agree every time an employee clocks in.  The default message is:
“I acknowledge that I WILL NOT SELL TO MINORS and that I will be responsible for any legal actions and penalties. By clicking OK I agree to the above.”

and can be changed as required.

All Inventory Rank reports will now print the selected date range at the top of the report.

Under the Reports menu there is now an option for Monthly Sales Reports which will automatically print a Sales by Department report and an End of Day report for the selected date range.  These are the two reports most merchants want to give to their accountant after the end of a monthly period.

Price Schemes now have an option to apply Price Schemes only if a Customer and / or Member is selected.  These prices can be different then Price Scheme prices to non customers and members.

10.1.6     Liquor Import will now automatically download the Liquor Update
from the state without having to save the data file.  Now you can just click the Download New File and then Proceed with Scan.

A new option in Station Settings (Local) on the Backup / More Settings tab to Display the Quantity of Items on the transaction.  Returns on the same transaction will not subtract from the quantity displayed.  It is the physical quantity of items being purchased.

New option in Menu Button Maintenance to Setup a Button that will automatically Round Up the Cash Tendered Amount to the next whole dollar.  Use “$$” in the SKU field of the Button.

New option in Station Settings to Display a Red Background on a line Item if the Cost is less than the Price and to Display a Yellow Background on a line Item if the Cost is equal to the price.

10.0.1     Version 10 is Released.  Many changes to Improve System Performance and it is fully compatible with Windows 11. 
Updated Buttons and Features on all Lookup / Browse screens.

The End of Day/Shift Closeout will now allow you to perform a closeout when the system is configured for a single consolidated closeout when other workstations are still logged into the system.  It will verify that all workstations are not in the Sales & Invoicing screen prior to proceeding.

Multi-Site Inventory Transfers will create a negative or positive Accounts Receivable Adjustment to track amounts owed from one location to another.  By creating an adjustment in lieu of a sales invoice your sales will not be skewed by transfers to your stores.

Accounts Payable Check printing will now print the MICR check number, account number and routing number on the bottom of the check. This will enable you to buy less expensive blank checks.

New option for the Restaurant Version in Station Settings Local on the Hardware tab to prompt for the Tip Amount immediately after receiving a Pre-Authorization.  Check the box labeled: “Add Tip at Once”.

Changes to include additional fields required for the Ash Scan Data program.  The Ash Scan Data program will send data to the Tobacco Companies via the Altria Group and allow you to receive reimbursements for tobacco sales.  You can download the “ASH Scan Data Procedures.pdf” file above to begin the process.

Option to print the Order/Quote/Layaway report by Employee.

The Item Turns Report will now include the Average Stock Value.

   New columns in the Inventory List to display the Taxable and EBT fields and new columns in the Customer List to display the Customer Balance Due field.  These columns can be arranged in System Settings Global.

9.11.25   A new option on the Sales Screen to Review Credit Card Transaction Responses (CCR) from your processor and an option to reprint the receipt. Lookup transactions by Date, Invoice Number, Authorization Code, Reference Number or Amount.  This can be useful for verifying charge backs. 

9.11.22   Changes to Invoicing, Payments, Line Edits, Customer Records, Statements, etc. to allow transactions, credit limits and payments up to 999 million.

When prompting for Order Pickup Date now includes prompting for the Pickup Time.

Option to have a Stand Alone Mode button on the main system screen.

       A new Fast Post Payment option​ when applying payments on the Total Screen.  Entering a dollar amount and a payment for the first payment method and leaving the second payment method empty will prompt to post the payment as a deposit to the transaction.  This allows for fast and easy multiple payment amounts and methods to a single transaction.

9.9.6       Menu option under the Daily Tasks menu to Batch Close Credit Card Terminals without having to go the Shift Closeout / End of Day option.

9.9.4       An Online Backup is now available on a daily basis for a minimal monthly fee.  This can be scheduled to run unattended and creates a Daily backup for each day of the week.

9.9.1       When minimizing the software and then clicking on the Desktop Icon to open it back up, the software will now open in full screen in lieu of a small screen in the upper right corner.  This has been a problem with Windows 10.

9.8.38     New options in the Liquor Import to Update ONLY Items that the State Minimum price has changed since the last quarterly update from the State.

9.8.32     New options in the Liquor Import to Update Descriptions, Departments and Costs ONLY with out updating retail prices.

9.8.18     Changes to the Sales Screen to improve the transaction speed of the on screen keypad.

9.8.12     New On Screen pop up Calculator on the sales screen for quick access to calculator functions.

9.8.3       New Buttons on the side of History screens to make it easier to scroll through history transactions.

9.8.1       Changes to the scroll buttons on all of the Customer, Inventory, Departments, etc. List Screens to make the scroll buttons respond much faster.

9.7.12     Changes to the Instant Lotto report to include the total retail value of the tickets in stock.

9.7.5       Option in Station Settings Local on the Print Settings tab to automatically print a Customer Statement with the Invoice if the customer has a previous balance.

Option in Station Settings Local on the Print Settings tab to print Orders and Picking Tickets in description order.

New option in Print Invoices by Date under the Customer Support menu to print by date range for a specific customer.

Customer Reports & Labels option to print in customer number order and an option to create reports and labels based on the customer start date.

9.7.1       EBT Food and Cash Balances are now received from the Credit Card terminals and printed on the customer receipt
when using the ASH Credit Card Processor.  Contact us for details.

9.6.16     New options on Sales Screen to Clear All (CA)
 without having to click Exit and then Select Clear All.  These options are available to view when clicking the Options Button.

9.6.15     New Button on Sales Screen to display Customer History.

9.6.9       Enter just a number on the sales screen 10 key pad
and then scanning an item will use that number as the qty.  Used in lieu of entering a number and asterisk.

9.6.8       Departments flagged not to be included in the End of Day Sales will now be broken out separately on the Sales by Department Report.

9.6.7       Price Schemes will now print a savings line
on the Sales Screen and Receipt.

9.6.5       Price Schemes have a tax included option
for the entire scheme.

9.6.3       Prompt to print a receipt on total
option will now timeout if nothing is selected.

9.6.1       Quick Save / Recall Order  Saves an Order without any additional prompts.
  During Recall, if there is only one order saved, it will automatically recall that order in lieu of displaying a list of orders first.  Works the same with Quotes and Layaways.  Turn this feature on in Station Settings - Local on the Setup tab.

Changes to the Table Setup form in the Restaurant Edition to make it easier to adjust the restaurant layout and assign tables.

Changes to the Hourly Sales report to reflect credit card Tip payments by the hour for the Restaurant Edition.

Changes to the End of Day reports to subtract Credit Card Tips from the over/short amount for the Restaurant Edition.

Option in Station Settings (Local) on the Backup/More Settings tab to prompt for an Order Pick Up / Due Date and prints on the Open Order Report with the Customer Contact information.

Changes in Item Lookup and Inventory Lists to accommodate input from an in-counter scale / scanner device.

9.4. 21   
New option in System Settings (Global) to disable redeeming gift cards that were not found in the open Gift Card file.

Changes to the Employee and Server reports to calculate credit card tips for the Restaurant Edition.

New web Interface to the Shopify websites to import orders placed on the website and automatically print picking tickets.

9.3.53     Discounts on the Sales/Invoicing screen
will go out 5 decimals so that the Dollar Discount amount will be calculated correctly on large ticket items.

New option in the Dry Cleaner Edition to email manifests.

New option in the Dry Cleaner Edition to start a new customer from the Room/Category screen.

New option in the Restaurant Edition to select Items you don't want to go to the kitchen printer yet when saving an order.

New TP - Tip Percent option to add a Tip Amount by Percent to the order total when the Restaurant Feature is enabled.

New Check Box option in Item Maintenance to Disable Liquor Price Updates for specific items on the green "Vendor / Department / Other" tab.

New option in Multi-Site to Disable Sending Disposition Codes to the Remote Locations.  Also, Disposition Codes of 90 and higher will be unique to each location.

9.2.25     New web Interface to the Woo Commerce websites to import orders placed on the website and automatically print picking tickets.

     New option to automatically calculate a Credit Card Fee based on the invoice total and a default percent entered in system settings global under Quick Charge Setup.  You can also override this percent when the option is selected.  The Hotkey is "CF" for credit Card Fee and can be used in Menu Button Maintenance to program a sales screen button for it.

     Accounts Receivable Payment Receipts will now print the invoices the payment was applied to and the remaining customer balance.  

9.2.22     Pressing the ESC or Enter key on the Total screen will exit back to the Sales screen.

     When returning an Item Damaged, you can not enter a note, a serial number and whether or not this item was exchanged for the customer.  All this information plus the customers' name and phone number will be printed on the Damaged Tag.

     Statement printing has an option to Email Statements Only or Email Statements and Print statements for customers without an email address.

     Multi-Site has a report to print a Hourly Sales Report for all locations combined or for each individual location.

    A New Security Level for entering Adjustments on the Payments Screen to allow access to the payments screen without allowing access to creating an adhustment.

9.2.15     New End of Day Report option to generate a Weekly Sales Summary Report.

     New Security Level to enable Editing of an Item’s Type. You can now change the Type to a new Type without deleting and re-entering the Item.

     New Multi-Site End of Day Report option to generate a Weekly Sales Summary Report by Location.

9.2.7       Changes to Liquor Import
to allow updates without selecting a field for the Liquor Type and Proof.  Changes to the Calendar Date Select to adjust for the leap year.

All Customer Lists, Inventory Lists, etc. have toolbars on the top to enhance the navigation and improve ease of use.

9.1.14     Customer List now has a Wild Lookup option
like the Item List does.  The Find option in the Customer List will now find matches in the First and Last Name when selected in lieu of just the Last Name and will now find matches in the City, State and Zip Code when selected in lieu of just the Zip Code.

In System Settings Global there is now an option to select if you want to be prompted for the Department, Style, Size or Color field on a Blank Line (BL) entered on the Sales and Invoicing Screen.

     Shelf Talkers will now include Mix and Match Pricing (Price Schemes) in addition to 2 Fer and 3 Fer Pricing and Regular pricing.  Shelf Talkers will print the promotional pricing and the savings. Ex:  5/$5.00 Mix And Match, You Save $1.05

9.1.5       Rewards program can now be setup to Redeem Rewards based on Points Earned in lieu of Earning Store Credits.  This allows you to define a Percent Discount and/or a Maximum Dollar Amount for specific Points Earned and assign the Discount to a specific list of Items, Items only in a specific Department, Items only in a specific Style, or Items only in a specific Department and Style.  When selected, the system will verify the qualifying item is on the sales transaction.  There is a Reward Redeem (RW) option on the Sales Screen Option button and this can be programmed to one of the Sales Screen Buttons.  Reward Points can be setup in System Settings Global.

9.1.1       VERSION 9 RELEASED.  Many changes to Improve System Performance with I5 and I7 processors.  Changes to Sales Screen to automatically repair data files damaged from power failures or system failures.

8.11.12   The Payment Receipt or when reprinting a payment receipt from history will now list the invoices paid and the amounts applied to each invoice.

8.11.10   New option in Station Settings Local to require a Shift Start after each Closeout to count and confirm the cash in the drawer.  If there is a discrepancy from the amount that was left in the drawer during the closeout and the amount that is counted in the shift start,  an expense paid out is created with a negative or positive amount to account for the discrepancy.  This amount will be reflected in the next closeout.

8.11.5     Change to the Liquor Import to account for vendor records that were placed in the Liquor File provided by the State of Michigan.

8.10.64   A new option in System Settings Global on the Pricing tab to hide Price Levels other than the Price Level in use on Purchase Orders, Purchase Edit and Purchase Receipts in addition to Invoicing screens.

8.10.60   Option in Auto Purchase Orders to Import data from a Portable Data Collector or from an Existing Invoice.

8.10.51   Option to require a customer on transactions over a dollar amount in System Settings Global.  This will require a customer for Orders, Quotes, Layaways and Invoices over the defined amount.

Open Order/Quote/Layaway Report is now eligible to be run from the Jobstream Setup  on a specific date, day of month or day of week at a specific time.

8.10.49   Employee Sales Report
now has an option to only print sales for invoices over a specified amount.

8.10.45   New Customer Tobacco Tax Report by State
and it creates a XML file that can be uploaded to the State of Michigan.

On credit card transactions, when prompted to “Print a Customer Receipt”, scanning a bar code at that time will assume No and transfer the bar code scanned to the sales screen for the next transaction.

     The Liquor Import now has the option to set several filters by Size and, All Items or Just Items with Price Changes.  This allows the user to easily edit and/or select specific items to view.  Leaving this filter set will also only update items with the selected filter.

8.10.4     New Security Setting to allow override of the Maximum Coupon and Maximum Refund Amounts.

8.10.1     Sales by Department Report now includes the option to include the Vendor Item Number and to print a Bar Code for it on the Report.

    Changes to the Auto Purchase Order to prevent duplicates for Master Items.
When using the Customers History to calculate the customers current price, there is now the option to use the same Price, Discount or Margin from the customers history.  Using the Discount or Margin will account for changes to the Items cost or price since the last sale.  This setting is in System Settings Global on the Pricing tab.

8.9.72     Both the "Price Changes and Promos" and "Change Inventory Fields by Selected Criteria" in the Inventory Control Menu have the feature to Select Multiple Items by Clicking the Select Box for each Item from the Inventory Lookup button.

An option when using the D,xx D$,xx or DC,xx Discount that will have the Discount automatically applied to the selected line item without giving the option to select All Items or change the amount/discount in System Settings Global on the Pricing tab.

The Returns and Damaged Returns report now includes the Quantity and Weight of the Items returned.

8.9.55     Many changes to the Check Cashing module
to improve the screen layout and viewing of Scanned Checks, Drivers License or State ID and Customer Pictures on screen and printed reports.

8.9.39     Liquor Import now has the option to manually change the new price
on the item grid list prior to the update.
               Purchase Order print has an option to set the print order to: As Entered, By Sku, By Bin Number or By Description.
               The Auto Purchase Order has an option in Station Settings Local to arrange the order of items on the Auto Purchase Order grid.

8.9.38     Shift Close Out and End of Day Close Out
now puts a time stamp in the close out file.  This allows customers open into the AM to generate Z Reports based on the Report Start and Stop Times defined in System Settings Global.

A new option in System Settings Global to set a maximum amount allowed per transaction for each Coupon type.

   A new option in System Settings (Global) to define a Maximum Bottle Refund Amount allowed per transaction.

    Inventory Item Fast Add from the Sales Screen or Purchase Order Screens now has the option to also define the Item Style.

8.9. 27 
   A new option on the Sales Screen (CT - Customer A/R Total) to display the Total Customer Balance Due including the current Accounts Receivable amount plus the amount of the current transaction.

8.9.25     New option to Display and Print a Map with Directions to the Customer Ship To Location.  There is an option in System Settings (Global) to define the type of Delivery/Ship To type to trigger automatically generating a Map for Orders and optionally for Invoices.  There is also an option in Station Settings (Local) to enable Automatically Generating a Map by workstation if the Order has the type of Delivery/Ship to in the System Settings.  Printing a Map can also be generated from the Customer Maintenance / Shipping screen and the Ship To edit screen.

8.9.10    Two additional Shelf Talkers are now available, 3 across by 3 up portrait and 5 across by 2 up landscape.  All shelf talkers and shelf labels can now be edited in Management Utilities | Stations Settings (Local) on the Print Settings tab.     

New option in the Sales by Department Report to Compare Sales based on two user defined date ranges.

       General Ledger End of Year has an option to view and print the End of Year functions and check list.  There is also an option to create a separate End of Year backup prior to performing a G/L End of Year.

8.9.6       New additional Customer Pricing by Category by Customer in Customer Maintenance.  This allows you to assign discounts by Customer for only Items in specific Categories of Departments, Styles, Sizes or Colors.  You can also apply date ranges to these discounts if wanted.

8.9.3       Transaction Reports
now include Store Credit Totals.

8.8.79     Sales Report by SKU
now includes the Vendor Item number for reordering.

A New option in Price Schemes to set a Maximum Quantity of Specific Items that can be sold in a single transaction. This is a requirement if you are selling Juul Products.

Changes in Station Settings Local on the Close Out/Other Settings tab to disable the ability to click "Over 27" and to disable the option to manually enter a Birth Date which will force the Scanning of a Drivers License.  This is a requirement if you are selling Juul Products.

The Price Check button will now also display Two Fer Pricing and any Price Scheme for the Item.  If the Item is flagged Tax Included, the Tax Included price is displayed.

A new option in Instant Lotto Ticket Maintenance to assign a Bin Number to the Instant Ticket.  When printing the Instant Lotto Report it will now print in Bin Number order to make it easier to verify the current Instant Lotto Ticket number.

A new option in System Settings Global to search by Serial Number when a Serial Number is scanned on the Sales Screen which will select the Item and Serial Number.

The Liquor Import now highlights the Rows with Red Text that will have a New Price for your review prior to proceeding with the Update.

8.8.65     Employee Commission Report
option to apply ALL transactions to a single Employee regardless if they assigned to the transaction or not.  Also applies to Multi-Site Report.

  Option under Reindex / File Maintenance to restore a Deleted Order.

Option in the Item Movement Report to sort by Vendor.  Also applies to Multi-Site Report.

New functions in the General Journal Distribution to Delete Lines and assign General Ledger descriptions.

New option for the Restaurant Edition to change or retain the check number when combining orders.

New Customer Pricing by Department by Customer in Customer Maintenance.  This allows you to assign discounts to customers for only Items in specific Departments.

8.8.32     Reprinting an Invoice with split tender
of Credit Cards and/or EBT will now print both credit card or EBT receipts.

8.8.28     Additional Blend field available for Formula
s in the Vape Pro Management System.

New option in the Restaurant Pro to transfer checks by Dollar Amount and/or to Split Checks evenly.

New option under (MR) Management Reports in the Sales Screen to Display Credit Card Totals for the day.

8.8.9       Instant Lotto Tickets will now automatically add a roll or stack of lotto tickets
to stock and reset the current lotto ticket number whenever the sale of a ticket is less than one, assuming that you have put another roll or stack in the bin since lotto ticket sales cannot go negative.

Adding a Blank Line / Memo in the Restaurant Pro now has the option to assign a price to the line.

New interface in the Restaurant Pro to interface Credit Cards to the PAX Credit Card Terminals via one of our four processors.  Contact us with rates to match or beat your existing credit card processor rates.

New option in the Management Utilities Menu to Enter Beginning Drawer Amounts for each register.

After completing a transaction on the Total Screen you can now scan an item for the next transaction in lieu of exiting the Total Screen by touching or clicking the screen or by waiting for it to time out.

8.7.8       When prompted for the legal age, you can now enter just the year
, if it's the same year as the legal age it will then prompt for the month and day if necessary.  You can still scan the drivers license, enter the full date or select Over 27 as before.         

8.7.6       The legal age prompt for cigarettes and liquor
will now be prompted when the item is scanned in lieu of at the end of the transaction.  This eliminates the need to go back and delete items if they are not old enough.

An option in the PAX settings to allow the clerk to select Debit or Credit for a credit card transaction.

There is now a third coupon department available in System Settings Global.

The Gift Certificate View/Report now shows which location gift certificates where issued and redeemed at and for how much.

In Menu Maintenance you can now add a new Menu during the Menu Lookup screen.

Restaurant version now has an option for a fourth kitchen printer.

8.6.8       Menu Maintenance now has Drag and Drop
to make moving and copying buttons easier.

Changes to allow an update of Liquor Items and Prices from the State's new data file format.  Future file format changes from the State will not require a software update, just a new Definition File.

     New Feature to allow EBT and EBT Cash or any combination thereof when completing a transaction.

  New Employee Schedule to enter Employee Work Schedule and print. Options to add and delete employees and to copy a single employee or all employee schedules to the next week.

     When logging into the Sales Screen with your Used ID and Password, your Security Level is now carried through out the Sales Screen and Features with out the need to login to the software initially.

8.5.31     EBT Cash Benefits will now allow Cash Benefits up to the amount available on the EBT card.

8.5.21     Employee Sales Report and Multi-Site Employee Sales Report has an option to group employee sales by Department.

8.5.19     Improved Import of Liquor Data file from the State.  Automatically filters out duplicates provided on the state file.  Updates the Updated field in the Inventory record.

8.5.10     Inventory Update by Selected Criteria now has the option to also quickly change Inventory Taxable Fields, Charge Deposit and Amount, Minimum Age to Purchase, and Reward Points per Item based on the Selected Criteria.

8.5.5       New Quoting System for ASH Reseller's.  Create complete system quotes and print in minutes.  Can be done on-site with the customer.

8.5.1       Monthly Update now creates Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory AS-OF data.  This allows you to generate reports of previous Month End data.

8.4.28     Item Barcode printing that has assigned a discount to the barcode label (V8.1.36) will also print the discounted price on the label.

8.4.27     Customer Reward Points for Blank Lines entered on the Sales Screen can now be set to discount the Reward Points Earned for Blank Lines based on a Percentage setup in System Settings - Global. 

8.4.24     Changes to the End of Day / Shift Closeout.  New option to Batch Out and/or print Batch Out report for PAX Credit Card Terminals.  Also suppresses all sales data if the "Suppress Cash, Checks, etc. amounts during Closeout" is selected in Station Settings - Local on the Closeout / Other Settings tab.

8.4.16     Option in Station Settings (Local) to Disable Edit of the Cost during Line Item Edit when the Display Cost Option is Selected.

8.4.12     "CRC" (Credit Card) Payment Option from the Sales Screens that can be setup on a Menu Button.  When selected it will automatically go to the Total Screen as a Credit Card Payment. This functions like the "$" for Cash Tendered and "EBT" for EBT Tendered added in previous versions.

8.4.8       The Discounts option in the Sales Screen now has the option to enter a Dollar Amount for the Discount and then apply it to One Line or All Lines.  It will calculate the Discount Percent Off of Each Line Item based on the Dollar Amount and Sales Price.

8.4.4       Option in Department Maintenance to Disable Items in a Department from being included in the Daily Sales Totals.  This is used for Items like Lotto Tickets, Money Orders, etc. that are being sold through the Sales Screen but that Do Not have a Cost or Profit associated with them.  These Items still show up in Sales History and on the Sales by Department Reports.

8.4.1       Improved Screen Refresh on Sales Screen and Faster Button Response.

8.2.42     Inactive Employee Option added to Employee Maintenance. Employee list will display just active employees with an option to view all.  Employee list report option added to the Employee List screen.

8.2.39     Item Kits and Component Kits changed to include all 60 characters of the Item description.

8.2.35     Multi-Site changes to include the Total Accounts Receivable available at all locations and Customer notes updated with the most current notes from locations.

8.2.22     Changes to Liquor Import to allow printing of Liquor Shelf Labels prior to updating the prices. 

8.2.20     Changes to Liquor Import to allow increasing prices of specific size bottles by a markup percent or margin percent during the Import process and printing of the Liquor Shelf Labels for only Items with either a positive or negative quantity in stock.

8.2.10     Improved performance of Invoicing / Point of Sale screen to allow faster refreshing of menu buttons.

8.2.4       Improved performance of Invoicing / Point of Sale screen updates, refresh and keyboard button response.  Invoicing screen no longer completely refreshes and resizes after the completion of a transaction also increasing the speed of the transaction.

8.1.59     In Customer Maintenance, the background of the Contract Pricing button, Vendor Pricing button and Cost Plus Pricing buttons are Green if any of these pricing options are in effect.  Now you will know at a glance any special pricing for the selected customer.

8.1.56     New options in the Liquor File Import that will display all the Items to Update and allows selecting all or only specific Items to update.  Also an option to print shelf labels only and not update the prices.  This allows printing the shelf labels ahead of time in preparation of the liquor price update.  The Liquor Pro Management System has an icon on the main screen to go directly to the Liquor Import.

8.1.50     New options in the Service Module to allow editing of the Service Screen List and additional data available in the Service Item fields.

8.1.47     Multi-Site Log Report is now available from the Multi-Site Reports Menu to allow viewing of the status of files transferred to and received from remote locations.

8.1.44     New EBT payment option from the Invoicing Screen similar to the Cash Tendered option to make EBT payments from the Invoicing Screen in fewer steps, speeding the transaction process.

8.1.42     Additional Address fields in Vendor Maintenance for International Vendors to print on purchase orders.

8.1.40     New field in Vendor Maintenance to enter the vendors web address and then click to visit the web site.  Also available to link to during Auto Purchase Order, Manual PO, Edit & Receive PO and Receive PO Miscellaneous.

8.1.37     In Price Schemes, you can now Select multiple items at a time to add to a price scheme when using the "Browse to Add Items to Scheme" button.  This uses the same Select option now found throughout the system for selecting multiple items.

8.1.36     Item Bar code printing has an option to assign a discount to the bar code label.  This can be used for items approaching expiration to discount them by a percent.  This label can then be placed over the items normal UPC bar code and when scanned at your register will automatically be discounted and decrement inventory.  The same items that are not approaching expiration and that do not have this label will be sold at the normal price.

8.1.35     New option to complete and Cash the Transaction Out from the invoicing screen without clicking on the "Total" button, reducing the number of keystrokes and expediting the transaction.  Using your keyboard or the on screen keyboard, you can enter the Cash Tendered amount and then click the "Cash Tendered" button that you can create in Menu Button Maintenance.  When creating the button, enter a Dollar Sign ($) in the SKU field.  If a dollar amount is not entered before clicking the Cash Tendered button, the transaction will be completed as if the exact change was given.  In addition to a Dollar Sign ($) for the SKU field, you can also program buttons with specific Cash Tendered amounts by entering one of the following in the SKU field: $1  $5  $10  $20  $50 or $100.

8.1.12     NEW Direct Interface to CARD CONNECT, ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS and  CLEARANT CREDIT CARD Processing. This new interface provides low credit card processing fees and enables merchants to save a considerable amount of money on their credit card processing cost without the additional cost of Net Epay.  In addition it uses a new technology called Quick Chip on the credit card machine reducing processing times from about 15 seconds per transaction to 2 seconds and since they have a network interface, they are not dependent on any one machine being available.  This means they will even work in Stand Alone Mode and when your Internet is not available with Dial Backup.

8.1.1    VERSION 8 RELEASED!    All new look on invoicing screen.  Programmable buttons can be double wide, double high or both.

7.12.9     Hourly Sales Report has an option to include the Cost and Profit on the report and the option to reprint the report in a 40 Column (Receipt Printer) format.

7.12.8     Option in Management Utilities | Station Settings Global on the Closeout / Other Settings tab to include the Gross Profit on the hourly sales report.

7.12.5     Check Box Option in Inventory Maintenance to flag an Item that the Sale Price includes sales tax (Tax Included). An Item that sells for $10.00 with tax included selected will be priced at $9.43, sales tax at .57 with an invoice total of $10.00.

7.11.44   Printing Damaged Return Tags will not print multiple Tags if multiple Items are Returned.

7.11.39   Lotto Report has an option to print in a 40 column (receipt printer) format and will group the lotto tickets by dollar amount.

7.11.33   Change to Accounts Payable check printing of text on checks.

7.11.26   Changes to Physical Inventory Entry during update to also create a General Ledger entry for the General Ledger module.

7.11.22   Changes to Daily / Hourly Pricing to allow simultaneous hourly prices to overlap.

7.11.18   Changes to the Time Clock order entry screen to include Touch Screen data entry.

7.11.1     Improved look and resizing algorithms for faster performance.

7.10.29   New option to calculate "Double Points" for EBT Double Points program and either redeem or use as a payment method.  In Department Maintenance you can select which Departments are eligible for the Double Points program.

7.10.22   Bottle Return / Refund report has an option to print on the 40 column receipt printer.

7.10.9     Changes to the Advertising Display to display images with more uniformity.  Images will now also be updated as soon as changes are made in Advertising Display settings on the Management Utilities menu.

7.10.1     New feature in the Inventory lookup screen during Purchase Orders has a check box by each Item allowing the selection of multiple Items while on the Inventory Lookup screen.  After completing your selection and then pressing the Select button, all selected Items are transferred to the Purchase Order.

7.9.54     New Option to Email the End of Day Report and/or the Sales by Department Report to multiple email addresses during a closeout.

7.9.47     New Option in the Liquor Price Import to print Shelf Labels to the Barcode Printer and the option to ONLY update selected Prices if the new calculated price is greater than the existing current price.

7.9.44     New Option in Station Settings Local on the Backup / More Settings tab to display the Discounted Net Price for each line item on the Sales / Invoicing screen in addition to the Original Price and the line Extension.

7.9.42     New Option in Station Settings Local on the Closeout / Other Settings tab to not allow a Shift Change / End of Day Closeout if there are Open Orders.

7.9.38     Sales by Department Reports have the option to print to the 40 Column Receipt Printer.

7.9.31     The End of Day Report that prints to the Receipt Printer will now only print data that is not zero making the Reports much shorter and only printing relevant data.  For example if there is no Tax 2, it won't print.

7.9.29     During Shift Change / End of Day Close Out the Sales by Department report now includes the Sales Tax totals.

7.9.21     New feature in the Inventory lookup screen during Invoicing has a check box by each Item allowing the selection of multiple Items while on the Inventory Lookup screen.  After completing your selection and then pressing the Select button, all selected Items are transferred to the Sales Screen for Invoicing.

7.9.19     Check Box Option in Station Settings Local to "Display the Margin % for the Invoice Total" while Invoicing on the Sales Screen.

7.9.14     New Discount option on Invoicing screen to Discount using Cost Plus a percentage.  Hot Key is "DC,%".  Apply to a single line item or all line items.

7.9.10     New option in The Multi-Site Inventory Transfers to Create an Invoice to the Location that the transfer was sent to.  This also flags the Transfer at the Central Location as a Drop Ship so the Inventory doesn't get decremented twice.  Turn this feature on in System Settings Global on the Multi-Site tab.

7.9.3       Check Cashing Module can now add, view and list the Check Issuer.

7.9.0       Release of the new "Vape Shop Pro Management System".

7.8.91     New Formula option (FM) to calculate formulas, print labels and decrament inventory for Vapor Formulas.

7.8.85     Option in Employee Maintenance to "Create a 15 Minute Password" and assign a security level to it that can be given to any Employee and used with any Employee ID to temporarily override their security level.  This password is valid for approximately 15 minutes (plus or minus 7 minutes of workstation date and time).

7.8.80     Selecting "End Of Day" during an End of Day / Shift Closeout will not only create a backup copy of your data files but will ALSO print a Z-Out End of Day report and Sales by Department report when "Print Z Report at End of Day" is selected in Station Settings (Local).

7.8.77     Selecting "Lookup in Upper Case Only" in Station Settings Local will also force Item Descriptions to be in Upper Case.

7.8.75     Purchase Order Receive and Receive Miscellaneous  both now have the option to import a CSV or SDF invoice file from a vendor in the format selected in the vendor record.

7.8.65     The Department List now has the ability to view and edit EBT Eligible, Profit Margin % and Reward Points from the list without having to edit the department.

7.8.63     Department Maintenance has an option to define the Margin Percent to calculate for the cost in Inventory History to use for items in this department that do not have a cost providing a more accurate profit analysis.  This will override the Margin Percent in System Settings Global for items without a cost.

7.8.62     New option to create an Accounts Payable Invoice from the Vendor History screen from Purchase Orders received.

7.8.61     Invoicing Total screen has an option to preview an invoice before printing.

7.8.59     The Extended Edit Screen in Touch Screen mode during invoicing now has the ability to override the line item description.

7.8.54     Receive Data from Portable Data Collector during Receipts and Physical Inventory will also check the additional Alternate Sku's for a match.

7.8.45     There is a new Inventory Turns report.  This is based on an Items Purchase and Sales History normally in a years time. It includes a definition of how Turns are calculated and explains how the ASH Advanced Auto Purchase Order System can more accurately maintain inventory forecast without any extra effort based on the historical data that is in the system. This system will automatically maintain or increase purchases for high turning items based on demand and, conversely, reduce purchasing and inventory carrying costs for slow turning items.

7.8.39     Inventory Rank report now includes an ABC analysis of Inventory Items based on the Pareto principle which states that 80% of the overall consumption is based on only 20% of the total items.  It includes a definition of this principal and how to use it for inventory evaluation and explains how the ASH Advanced Auto Purchase Order System can more accurately maintain inventory forecast without any extra effort based on the historical data that is in the system.

7.8.31     The Price Update form has an improved option to update prices by selecting Pricing Criteria from multiple lists.

7.8.27     Restaurant Edition has an improved feature when seating customers from the Table View screen.

7.8.24     Restaurant Edition has the option to lookup by Customers in lieu of Delivery for Customer Point redemption.

7.8.22     Restaurant Edition Hostess Display Screen has new edit features and Displays the server assigned to each table.

7.8.20     Accounts Payable Account Reconciliation has new algorithm to calculate and display data quicker.

7.8.18     Purchase Order edit and receive now has the ability to edit or change the Case Quantity and to order or receive by number of cases.  Also can now view all the Vendors for this Item while ordering or receiving.

7.8.12     Support added for a Signature Capture Pad to capture and save signatures for both credit card charges and charge to account payment types.

7.8.1       New Screen Resizer is implemented to resize to Monitor Resolution for faster and more accurate resizing of forms.

7.7.50     The General Ledger Journal Report now has the option to Select just a specific date or journal number to print/view.

7.7.43     There are now an unlimited number of Alternate SKU's that are available for every Item in lieu of just one.

7.7.36     When the Auto Clock Out option is selected, the system will now only scan for previous days not clocked out at one workstation per day.

7.7.35     Item Returns now has the option to return individual lines or display a list of all the items on the invoicing screen and select individual lines or all and whether the items are damaged or not.  If a customer is selected it will update the price from their invoice history or an invoice receipt can be scanned or entered and the prices are updated from there.

7.7.31     New option in Customer Statement printing that will show payments received for the current month and invoices that those payments were applied to.

7.7.28     General Ledger module has an additional default G/L account that can be entered for Cash and Checks / Cash on Hand that does not go directly into the checking account.

7.7.23     New support for Signature Capture Pads that can be used to capture a customers signature for both House Charge accounts and Credit Card transactions.

7.7.13     When selling cigarettes or liquor that requires you to enter a legal age either manually or by scanning the barcode on the back of their drivers license, the system will now display the legal age on the total screen to allow you to verify that the person that handed you their drivers license appears to be that age.  It will also let you know if it happens to be their birthday.

7.7.10     Price Check option on Invoicing Screen now also displays all of the Quantity Breaks available.

7.7.9       Purchase Order and Receive Purchase Order Miscellaneous line Edit now has the option to view all Alternate SKU's and all Vendors for the selected item.

7.7.8       Added VX805 EMV support for First Data (FDMS Rapid), Paymentech, TSYS, Vantiv and Elavon(E2E).

7.7.7       A Margin percent can be set in System Settings Global on the Purchase Defaults tab to automatically calculate the cost for the sales history and profit of Items with a zero cost in Item Maintenance.

7.7.5       Voiding an Invoice will now show the user id of the person that entered their password.

7.7.1       New option to capture the customers signature on a signature pad for house charges.

7.7.0       Option to scan the barcode on the back of a drivers license to verify the persons age for liquor and cigarette sales.

7.6.31     Option to email all house charge invoices at the end of the day in one batch in lieu of at the time of sale.

7.6.23     Purchase Order receipts will now display the quantity per case and all additional vendors per line item when receiving. This also allows updating the quantity per case while receiving.

7.6.15     Purchase Order receipts has the option to replace the quantity on hand in lieu of adding to the quantity on hand for each line item while receiving (based on security level).

7.6.10     New options added to the ASH CHECK CASHING Module to take advantage of the new drivers license barcode scanning feature.  Updates created to include interface capabilities with the new MICR readers, Check and Drivers License scanners, and Video Cameras for capturing the customer picture.

7.6.5       There is now the capability to scan the 2D barcode on the back of a drivers license to look up a customer and, if not found, to add all of the customer demographic data to a new customer record including: name, address, date of birth and drivers license number.  This option requires a 2D (two dimensional) bar code scanner.

7.6.1       Update to option when returning items after scanning the barcode on their receipt that will now automatically check the Return Item flag when the Return Item Damaged is selected.

7.5.6       Editing the price, discount, etc. on the invoicing screen while in touch screen mode will now also allow input from the keyboard.

7.5.4       Menu Button Maintenance displays the selected buttons menu description, item description, item price, item department and item taxable status.  Item price, department and taxable status can be changed from the button edit.

7.5.1       Menu Button Maintenance now has the ability to select printers, modifiers and addons for each button.  This function has been removed from Item Maintenance.

7.4.62     New option during Receive Inventory Miscellaneous to display the current Quantity On Hand and  a check box option to replace the Quantity On Hand with zero so that the Quantity On Hand will be updated to the actual quantity received.  This option uses the same security settings as editing the quantity in Item Maintenance.

7.4.59     New option in Physical Inventory Entry to Fast Add an Item while performing a physical count.

7.4.49     Purchase Order Edit has an option to create a Purchase Order in a CSV file format that can be uploaded to International Wholesale.  This is selected in Vendor settings.

7.4.48     Purchase Order history lookup can now lookup by Vendor, Receive Date and Invoice Number in addition to Purchase order Number.

7.4.45     New option to Add a New Item on the fly during Create PO, Edit PO, Receive PO and Receive Inventory Miscellaneous.

7.4.43     New option to Add a New Item on the fly during Invoicing if the Item was not found.

7.4.34     New Print option in the Scheduler to print schedules by a date range and to only print time slots that are scheduled.

7.4.32     Changes in the Scheduler to include the customer name and address when adding a new appointment from a customer record.

7.4.30     When creating a Tickler it can now be sent to multiple recipients in lieu of just one.

7.4.28     New logic to reset prices of Items that were on a promo, quantity break, price scheme or buy X member when an Item is deleted or cancelled and the existing items no longer qualify for the promotion.

7.4.26     When the Cancel Line in lieu of Deleting Line is enabled, the description of the item will be proceeded with the word "CANCELLED" so you can easily determine which line items on the invoice were cancelled.

7.4.24     New alert when adding a new Item using a template to alert if the Item had Promo Pricing, Two Fer Pricing, Three Fer Pricing, Quantity Breaks, Member Only Promo Pricing or is a Member of either of the Buy X Get 1 Free promos.  This will alert the user and help to prevent applying promos that were not intended to the new Item.

7.4.23     Items on Promotion Report now has the option to include Items that are a member of the Buy X Get 1 Free promos.

7.4.22     Distinctive beep for items with a zero price to alert the cashier to enter a price.

7.4.2       New "Marble and Granite Management System" released specifically for this industry with features to track production, tag material for jobs, keep track of edges, cutouts, material, dye lot, back splash, sinks, production checklist, job change orders and printing of many related reports.

7.4.1       New logic to calculate totals when recalling an order to enhance the speed of recalling a large order.

7.4.0       New algorithms and logic to enhance the speed of scanning items on the invoicing screen.

7.3.23     Option in Employee Activity Report and Multi-Site Employee Activity Report to also print by time of day for Employees that punch in and out after midnight.

7.3.19     Now have the ability to edit the Invoicing screen columns for each workstation to adjust for different screen resolutions and sizes.

7.3.15     Menu button maintenance to reflect the same look of the Invoicing Screen.

7.3.5       New option in the Invoicing Options screen to generate several management reports without leaving the Invoicing Screen. Hot Key is "MR" (Management Reports)

7.3.1       New option in the Invoicing Options screen to perform an End of Day or Shift Closeout from the Invoicing Screen.  Hot Key is "SC" (Shift Closeout)

7.2.106   Caller ID option available to display Name and Phone Number of person calling.  This will automatically add the customer to your customer file if they are a new customer, or pull up the customer information and purchase history.

7.2.87     Multiple new Shelf Label and Shelf Talkers to print in several different formats.

7.2.56     New layout for Restaurant Check Transfers which makes it easier to use and transfer.

7.2.32     Options to send SMS Text Messages to Customers with Open Accounts Receivable or Open Credit Balance or Credits Earned from the Integrated Rewards program.

7.2.0    Support added for Credit Cards, Smart Cards, Debit Cards Proximity and Apple Pay on the new EMV platform.

7.1.50     New Rewards Keeper Edition for customers that already have a Point of Sale System but want to take advantage of our Rewards Program for their customer base to generate repeat business.

7.1.26     Extended text information available for Tickler Messages.

7.1.1       VERSION 7 RELEASED!   

7.0.0       SOON TO BE RELEASED!  In Beta testing now.  New look with Icons in lieu of command buttons.  Credit card processing to support the new EMV and proximity card processing.

6.2.12     General Ledger Report will now only show the date range selected and not include the previous month and quarter balances if "Include Previous Month & Quarter" was NOT selected.

6.2.11     Creating an A/P Invoice during Inventory Receipts will now force you to enter an Invoice Number.  Changed some of the logic for editing an old invoice.

6.2.8       New Security Option to Disable Editing of a Customer record but will still allow viewing of the customer record data. 

6.2.1       End of Day will now prompt for a "Shift Closeout" or an "End Of Day Closeout".  If the End OF Day Closeout is selected, after the closeout is completed, the system will automatically create Emergency Stand Alone files if that is an option at this workstation and then automatically create a local backup and an offline backup, (if the subscription service is selected).  There are seven separate backups made both locally and on the internet, one for each day of the week.

6.1.160   New option to automatically backup data to the Internet when the Backup Option is selected under the Daily Tasks menu.  In addition to making a local backup it will also backup to the Internet.  These options are setup in System Settings Global and requires a monthly subscription service.

6.1.155   Multi-Site will now add Vendors entered at the remote locations to the Central locations data files.

6.1.151   Inventory Rank report has option to also rank by Department or Vendor.

6.1.149   Option when reprinting the last or an old invoice to print the credit card signature receipt.

6.1.147   New Invoicing Screen Option to do a Member Lookup (ML) for scanning customer member cards without having to do a customer lookup.  The hotkey "ML" can also be programmed onto one of the buttons.

6.1.144   Option in Customer Maintenance to only automatically apply the customers' default shipping charge to one invoice when multiple invoices or orders are generated on the same day.

6.1.143   Added Bin Locations to Price Check screen and Extended Edit screens when editing Invoice line items.

6.1.142   Added information in the Reason field of the Edits and Voids report to indicate if Edits, Voids or Discounts were applied before or after an Order was Saved.

6.1.141   New option in QuickTouch Restaurant Pro version to combine multiple checks into a single check when printing.

6.1.138   Additional Transfer Check buttons in addition to double clicking when transferring tabs.

6.1.129   Option to Clear Batch on PAX credit card terminals.

6.1.123   Option in Item Maintenance to Reverse the Mater Item Inventory function.  The Master Item quantity will be decreased by one (1) AND ONLY one (1) will be added to stock of the Each Item.  The conversion quantity is used to calculate the cost of the Each Item.

6.1.120   Customer Credit Balance Report now has the option to include Points or Dollars that customers have earned with the rewards program.

6.1.117   New option in Lotto Ticket Maintenance to Increment or Decrement the Roll / Stack ticket number for inventory control of the tickets.

6.1.114   Changes to A/R Customer and A/P Vendor Ledgers to include headings on each page with the Total Customer/Vendor Balances on the bottom.

6.1.112   Changes to the printing of Shelf Labels and Shelf Talkers on 8 1/2 x 11 paper stock with new images and the ability to print 2/$x.xx amounts with dollar savings.  You can also re-use a partially used label stock by selecting which labels on the sheet you want to print to.

6.1.111   New option in the invoicing screen under Cashier/Workstation Options to Add a new Customer Ship To Address and apply it to the Ship To for this transaction in one step. "FS" for Fast add Ship to is the hotkey assigned to that function.

6.1.101   New Touch Screen form for entering Physical Inventory data.  This form makes entering inventory items and quantities much easier when using our Touch Screen Tablet with Scanner because the keyboard buttons are included on the form in lieu of using the tablets popup keyboard.

6.1.99     Credit/Debit card processing via the PAX MT30 or SP30 now have an option to override a duplicate transaction amount.

6.1.97     Inventory List screen now includes the Master Item column.  The Item List format can be edited in System Settings Global by clicking the Inventory List button.

6.1.92     Generic items such as Beer or Pop that have Prompt for Price checked and Charge Deposit checked and the Deposit amount is 0.00, will now automatically prompt for the Bottle Deposit Amount when that item is selected.

6.1.86     New Daily Reorder Report Option in System Settings Global on the Defaults tab that will create a Reorder Report for Items that are below the minimum required based on the Quantity in Stock, Sales History and Lead Time from the Items Primary Vendor.  There is a new report to print by date range in the Reports Menu and this can added to a Scheduled Jobstream to print automatically Daily or by selected Days, Day of Week, etc.

6.1.85     When the option to prompt for the legal age of cigarette and liquor sales is turned on, "Legal Age Verified" or "Over 27 Selected" will print on the bottom of the receipt.

6.1.83     Option in Station Settings Local to display the legal Liquor Age Birth Date and/or the legal Cigarette Age Birth Date on the invoicing screen.

6.1.81     On Credit Card, Debit, EBT and WIC transactions the Receipt will now print "Customer Copy" on the first receipt, "Merchant Copy" on the second receipt and "Duplicate" on any additional receipts.  "Reprint" will print on invoices that are reprinted.

6.1.79     New settings to define the number of Credit Card or Debit receipts to print and to define the number of EBT or WIC receipts to print.

6.1.74     New option to Check EBT Foodstamp Balance or EBT Cash Balance and print the balance on the receipt.

6.1.70     Built in option to automatically Batch Out the PAX MT30 or SP30 during the End of Day/Shift Closeout process.

6.1.65     New interface to the PAX MT30 and SP30 EMV compliant IC card (chip card), credit card, debit, EBT, etc.  The MT30 also includes signature capture.

6.1.52     Option in Menu Maintenance to print menu screens.

6.1.49     Edits and Voids report now displays the total of voided invoices.

6.1.47     New "AA" Add Alternate SKU option in the invoicing screen to add or change an Alternate SKU to the line item selected.  Requires a security level for Inventory Maintenance.

6.1.46     New Shelf Talker option under Inventory Control | Barcode Printing to print a 4 Across Shelf Talker in Landscape mode.  Both 4 Across Shelf Talkers will now print the Selected Price and the Two Fer or Three fer pricing if the item has it.  Ex: $ 1.59 or 2/ 3.00

6.1.45     Includes many changes to the General Leger module for operation, reports, financial statements, etc.

6.1.31     New Interface to WIC machines so that when an Item is scanned with the WIC scanner it is also displayed on the Point of Sale screen.  This can also be used to keep track of Points Earned for WIC customers.

6.1.23     New A/P Aging Report format for Current, 1-30, 31-60, 61-90 and Over 90.

6.1.19     Can now recall a Customer's History by the Ship To Location.

6.1.14     Order Recall screen can now be edited in System Settings Global to permanently adjust the columns widths and arrangement.

6.1.12     Option when printing an Employee Activity report to print each Employee on a separate page.

6.1.8       New Option when printing an Inventory Price List to print in SKU Order only.

6.1.7       New Option in Station Settings Local to Prompt to Update the Selling Price of an Item if it is Changed during Invoicing.

6.1.5       Changes to invoicing screen grid to add a column to display an Items Markup Percent.  This is not viewable if the options to Hide Cost or there is a Security Option set to view cost. 

6.1.1       VERSION 6 RELEASED! 

6.0.5       Employee List now includes the employee cell phone number.

6.0.4       New Physical Data Entry option from Physical Data Report which is now saved to allow quicker manual entry of quantities from the last Physical Data Report generated.

6.0.3       Physical Data Entry from Portable Data Collector and Manual Entry options for updating are now only prompted during the actual Update Phase.

6.0.2       New option in Menu Maintenance to turn on a KEYPAD on the main menu or all menus of the Invoicing Screen.  This can be used to enter UPC codes, Quantity Amounts and the Price for a generic item in a Department. Example: click 1.25 and then click the Taxable Grocery button, or click 5* Enter and then scan an item for a quantity of 5.

6.0.1       Options in Menu Button Maintenance to have a Keypad visible on the Main Menu only or All Menus.  Option to have a vertical grid on the POS/Invoicing screen in lieu of a horizontal grid.  Menu Buttons normally across the bottom are now along the right side of the screen.

6.0.0       SOON TO BE RELEASED!  In Beta testing now.  Navigate via Navigation Menus.  Improved and faster creation of PDF files when emailing invoices, purchase orders or statements.  Option to Print, Email or Print and Email Receipt/Invoice when finalizing a transaction.  New and Improved search and sort algorithms for even faster data retrieval.

New background colors, foreground colors and fonts on POS/Invoicing screen and Total Screens for a new look and easier, more intuitive navigation.

​​​​​New Liquor Import

New Employee Schedule

Management System New Features

Version                                                                                                                                    (Most Current Version listed first)

This will send data to the Tobacco companies weekly so you can get reimbursed for discounts given. This will allow you to compete with others that are giving similar discounts.  Click the ASH Scan Data Procedures below.

ASH Scan Data is now available!

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