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   We will Match (and probably Beat) Any Credit Card Fees saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars


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Capture customer pictures, drivers license or state ID, and scan their checks. Verify previous checks from this customer and from the check issuer.  Scan the 2D bar code on the drivers license to automatically capture all their demographic data including name, address, D/L number and date of birth. Print customer data sheet with all the customer data including a picture of their ID and scanned check and so much more...

Our software was designed, developed and has evolved over the years with input from our customers creating specific solutions for your industry.

ASH Systems is a Total Solution Provider for over 30 Years
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quickchargeIT C-Store Pro and quickchargeIT Liquor Store Pro

Management and Inventory Control with specific features you want for the C-Store and Liquor Store Industry designed to increase your profits and free up your time. Import new liquor price changes quarterly and define margins by bottle size. Place Liquor orders on line in minutes instead of hours. Keep accurate inventory control of Instant Lotto tickets. There are Master Items for cigarette packs and single cigar sticks that automatically breaks cartons or boxes when inventory levels dictate. These costs are automatically updated when cartons or boxes are received to stock. Integrated Rewards Program & Membership options. "Easy to Use" and "Feature Rich" are just a couple of the phrases used by our clients to describe our software. Integrated Rewards and Gift Cards can ONLY be redeemed at your store. Sell, Redeem, Check the Balance, and Re-Issue Gift Cards without any fees because it is done through your software. The Gift Card maintenance shows open and redeemed gift cards, the amount available and the amount redeemed. Print Liquor Shelf Labels, Product Shelf Labels, Shelf Talkers, Bar Code Labels and so much more...

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Give Reward points for purchases in lieu of giving discounts. Discounts only decrease your profits. Reward points allow you to maintain your profit margins and keep customers coming back to your store instead of your competitors because they know they're earning rewards. You determine how customers earn Reward Points based on dollar sales, quantities, etc. Assign points by Item, by Department or globally.  Assign more points for Items with greater profit margins, for Items you want to move, or for Items that are discontinued or nearing expiration.

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