The ASH All In One Solid State Hybrid

Imaging Scanner


Minimum Workstation Recommendations:

​I5 or I7 Processor           4GB of Memory

50GB Hard Disk              ​1GB Video Memory

​Windows 7 or newer

Cash Drawer

The New ASH Kiosk System is Displayed in a Secured Locking Kiosk with a 12" Touch Screen Tablet and Laser Scanner.  Your Customer can scan a bar code for Product Pricing and Product Information or Click a button to enter their Email, Name, Date of Birth and How Heard to be added to your Rewards Program and/or to be included in your email broadcasts.  All this Plus Advertising and Promotional Information is displayed while the system is idle.


The ASH Kiosk System

Receipt Printer

PAX S300

Most hardware equipment available today will work with the Management System.  We have a variety of equipment that we use and recommend because they have been field tested and have demonstrated the ability to stand up to rugged daily use in a variety of environments.  They also have proven to have good support from the manufacturers for warranty and other support issues.  Shown below are just some of the equipment that we use from many different manufacturers:

The ASH All In One Management System Workstation

The ASH Kiosk System

Active Software & Hardware Systems

Learn how to INCREASE REVENUES and DECREASE INVENTORY CARRYING COSTS with our built-in software tools.