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   We will Match (and probably Beat) Any Credit Card Fees saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars

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quickchargeIT and the ASH Management System

The Management System Version 10 and earlier have reached their end of life effective 12/31/2023.
No further support, updates, changes or fixes are or will be available.

However, an upgrade to quickchargeIT is available at zero cost to customers with a paid and current

Help Desk Support Service.*   The Annual Support Fee has been DISCONTINUED!

The Management System Version 11 will continue to be supported until the end of July 2024 (or on the anniversary of your purchase date if in 2023).

Upgrading to quickchargeIT details:

A.  Zero upfront fee to upgrade to our quickchargeIT v12 software with current Help Desk Support*
            a)  Installation will be performed remotely or on-site at the discretion of ASH

            b)  A backup of your live data files will be performed

            c)  All data will be converted automatically.
            d)  Unlimited Help Desk Support will be provided
B.  Integrated credit card processing via ASH Quick Charge options *
             a) Traditional Processing
                        1)  Credit & Debit: Match or beat existing rate
                        2)  EBT: Match or beat existing rate
                        3)  Next Day Funding for batches before 11:00pm EST     

                        4)  Monthly service fee
                        5)  Batch Fee: 25 cents per patch, can be set to auto batch
                        6)  Credit card terminals may be purchased or billed monthly
                        7)  ASH Quick Charge processor integration included at zero cost
              b)  Dual Pricing Program
                         1)  Credit & Debit: Zero processing fee
                         2)  EBT: Zero per swipe fee
                         3)  Next Day Funding for batches before 11:00pm EST     

                         4)  Zero monthly service fee
                         5)  Batch Fee: Zero per batch, can be set to auto batch
                         6)  Credit card terminals will be provided at zero cost
                         7)  ASH Quick Charge processor integration included at zero cost

* Integrated credit card processing is required via ASH Quick Charge. On-site installation and travel charges may apply.

What credit card processors can I use with quickchargeIT?
As a full-service partner, ASH Systems can provide everything you need to run your business, including easy to understand and transparent payment processing.  Although we believe that the ASH Systems Quick Charge processing is the best solution for your business, we also believe that you should have a choice and will continue to support some approved third-party processors.

The new "Dashboard" button on the home screen has many new features and will display the number of customers and items, the A/R totals, the sales for today, week to date, month to date and year to date, and compares them to the last years figures for an instant view of your company’s status.  Sales by Department comparing this year to last year is also displayed and can be selected to display sales for today, week to date, month to date or year to date and ordered by this years sales, last years sales or by department.  


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