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ASH E-Labels – the new solution for electronic pricing

The store level retail market has been struggling for years due to the growing internet competition. However, people who think this is the end of the traditional retail stores may not realize that there are new movements and developments. Previously, retailers were challenged to quickly react to price changes. The handling of the normal “special offers” generated a huge amount of work on a weekly basis, which is not only time consuming but also error-prone. Ever so often, customers and cashiers experience price discrepancies.

The future lies in the combination of traditional retail stores and digital technology. This is the point where electronic pricing comes into place. What sounded futuristic just a few years ago is now a functioning system in the market. ASH Systems offers expert advice and support in the planning and conversion from the paper label to the electronic label (E-Label).

Any of the ASH Management System Editions connect directly to the digital price display (E-Label) on the shelf.  Our software will also interface with a customer’s existing POS or ERP system to automatically and instantly update prices on the E-Label.

This system presents many advantages:

• By using the wireless data transfer, product data and prices can be updated in no time. A bi-directional communication ensures an efficient and effective price transmission; therefore, the creation and use of paper price labels will soon become obsolete.

• The encrypted wireless connection ensures safe data transmission between the gateway and label since the wireless network is protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

• Price changes, discounts and special prices can be updated with the push of a button and instantly shown on the E-Label. The E-label can also show customized graphics to enhance the presentation of the selling product.

• With E-Label technology, prices and additional information can be easily monitored and controlled.

• The high-resolution display can depict bar codes, which easily allows scanning of the tag for inventory control. The electronic shelf labeling by ASH Systems is flexible and can be extended by many additional features such as NFC technology. The optional NFC technology allows smartphones and other enabled devices to interact with labels containing NFC. Important information such as product ingredients and allergen warnings can be instantly transmitted to the customer’s smartphone as well as customers preloaded special offers and customer reward points. The NFC technology also offers the option to personalize advertising, navigation based management for employees as well as for customers.

The label is energy efficient, uses the well-known e-paper display technology, which allows for perfect readability and energy efficiency.
Wide ranges of accessories for mounting the label are available such as attachments for displays stands, clips or adapters to allow for unlimited mounting options.

In addition to individual battery powered labels, we offer labels which are powered by a specially designed rail. These labels, known as integrated labels, allow for storing in cold temperatures, and offer a flat appearance on shelves.

This label system can also be used in a variety of different environments. A great example would be a large display used for room occupancy indicators in hospitals or other public buildings. 

Never have the wrong prices on your shelves. Control and change pricing at any time. Display quantity on hand when doing a physical. Promotional pricing can be changed based on the time of day and integrated into quickchargeIT.

New Technology in Store Labeling 

Using Electronic Paper Technology requires very low and temporary power consumption and the bar codes can be read from any scanner.  Battery operated models have a battery life of 5 years with easy replacement and voltage levels that are monitored by our software.