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The Authorized Reseller Program known as ARP has five Reseller levels based on performance for sales, training, and experience.  The ground level Associate assumes no or almost no experience with POS Systems.  As the Reseller graduates through the ASH University Certificate Program from an Associate (ground level) to a Reseller at the following levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum the discounts increase as the Reseller meets the sales requirements to be granted the discounts.  The ARP Levels and some of the requirements are as follows:

our authorized reseller program

the authorized reseller program (ARP):

Level                       Description

Associate                   Complete the ASH U Sales and Software Operations 101 Introductory to POS Training Program
Bronze Reseller         Complete the above Associate Training and complete training per the ASH U Bronze Certification

Silver Reseller           Complete the above Bronze Training and complete training per the the ASH U Silver Certification
Gold Reseller             Complete the above Silver Training and complete training per the ASH U Gold Certification
Platinum Reseller      Complete the above Gold Training and complete training per the ASH U Platinum Certification

For information on becoming an Authorized Reseller or to find a Reseller near you,

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Only Authorized Resellers that have completed our Authorized Reseller Program are available to resell any of our software products or modules.  All of our Resellers have been thoroughly trained and are well versed in each edition.

You can be confident that the Reseller you're working with will understand your specific needs and will be able to recommend a software solution to address your needs and that will allow your business to be more productive and profitable.